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  1. Use toyo over prived fluid or something like Amsoil ATF. If the fluid is brown, not the greatest but okay. It is smells burnt... You have issues if smells brunt. I have never taken my lexus's into a dealer for tranny work. Change every 30 to 50K and be fine.
  2. All these links etc are junk..Go to Toyota Tech, pay the $15 and download all FSM items, TSB etc.
  3. Do a search since I know there are a zillion pixs of them. Pass side on the rear cover. If you have not changed it (about every 12 to 15K) , the grommet WILL break. No big deal. Get some pilers and fish it out of the hole. At least Lexus got smart and made them out of metal in the newer years.
  4. so change the EV then...the parts are not expensive...My compressor is going but I leak tested with nitrogen, vac'ed out and installed oil and R134...Works mint and the issue is there was a leak at the dryer (based on oil around fitting) and leak testing. But I would leak test it first...Compressor opertaing? ...Not much to an AC system at all.
  5. I agree. follow the instructions....It took me like 10 minutes to get my opener to work....I still dislike this model year.
  6. I use chemical guys and optimum shine.
  7. I agree with SW here and that has been the advise from Lexus for many YEARS....
  8. What I would try first is Amsoil PI...Run before an oil change..See what happens since it might save you about $100 before BG44.
  9. I would search since this is WAY old over 8 years old.. Pull carpet back, pull white plastic toward rear wheels and remove......Takes about 3 minutes to do a complete change over..
  10. 135K on OEM belt...year I would change it.....ASAP
  11. Why not ask on Autopia forum....Better crowd
  12. If you cleaned it why do you need to reset the ECM? Leave it alone.
  13. I 98 is a simple OBD II..Any reader will read it. I would but a reader since they will save you money in the end.
  14. Just trying to save $$$$. I know my lower spring isolators were shots, yours will be too (they are rubber), and bumps stop will be gone/hard as a rock/ The boots might be okay and I hope the bearings look nice. Just that it would suck to put just the top mounts on and then down the road the rubber seats go (metal on metal), or the bump stops split... Good luck..I had the noise for about 2 months and could not take it anymore...Worst part is the damn spring a rocket when doing it.
  15. But you are nuts to just replace that one item. That is why I posted above to replace other items while you are in there. The mounts are the highest item..Do the items I listed and be done for like 100+K miles.
  16. Sounds like the issue I had....There is a TSB on this about mounts. First I tried what some on here said worked..spraying lube in proper mount locations...NOT Then I tried the sway bar mounts...$18 from Lexus and about 25 minutes to install....NOT Lastly, I just replaced both front struts (KYB: GR-2), Lower insulators (Lexus/toyo part), upper insulators (Lexus/toyo part), bump stops (Lexus/toyo part), Seat Backs (Lexus/toyo part), mount plate (Lexus/toyo part) and lasty the new-and-improved mounts(Lexus/toyo part), ...NOISE GONE... Took about 1 hour to remove all and install new. Well wo
  17. In your car...good luck on that..Unless you post a UOA.
  18. Seems high...Do the WP and TB...You can do the termo / seal and drive belt yourself in about 1 hour and about $50. Your car is the non-interference engine engine...A TB should be about $500 from a Lex dealer and about 5% less from a toyo dealer.
  19. The problem with that scanner is it is not CAN approved and will be junk if the perons ever gets a newer car...
  20. I wish I could be "60" years..your posts are nothing but a joke.

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