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  1. My 97 es300 has lately felt like lightly riding the brakes all the time. Also the check engine light is on. Simple mechanical fix or just a symptom of something deeper?
  2. SUCCESS. Loosening the torx bolts releases the airbag and cover as a unit, allowing the loose steering wheel nut to be tightened with a socket wrench. It's Miller Time!
  3. I have found a pair of access panels on the back of the steering wheel which reveals a pair of Torx heads. I assume these releases the airbag cover?
  4. I figure I needed to disconnect the battery so the airbag won't blow up in my face. Didn't know I needed to wait at least 1/2 hr. Thanks for the tip!
  5. My steering wheel is loose. (wobbles slightly in my hands as I drive) How do I remove the air bag cover and airbag to get at the nut I have to tighten?
  6. Lately I've had the two idiot lights come on, but haven't got the time to go pull any codes. Using search, I figure the problem is either bad oxygen sensors or a charcoal canister issue. Ideas?
  7. Just discovered how these filters work: Small filter slides in...and slides UP. Then the big filter slides in UNDERNEATH. I need to be a contortionist with at least 3 hands to do this ! :cries:
  8. Update: The filters just came by fedex. The "up" arrow is on the smaller filter, so I know how to orientate the larger one. I assume the two filters go in with the bend in the middle go in so the bend point faces the firewall? (to get around the gas pedal) Also, the larger filter faces the firewall? There's no instructions with these filters, so I want to get it right before I destroy something.
  9. I have a 13 year old ES300 and was going to change tha cabin filter for the upcoming hayfever season. Using instructions found on these forums, I opened the access panel and found...nothing. Just a pile of debris where a filter ought to be. At the local lexus dealership they wanted over 60 bucks for the filter and the local Pep Boys and AutoZone have nothing in stock ( they would go for 30 to 40 bucks too) :cries: Online I found this: http://www.autopartsdeal.com/catalog/?N=0&uts=true&Ntt=2000+Lexus+ES300+Replacement+Cabin+Air+Filter Are these filters the right part? Right part number and price?
  10. According to the last post in this thread http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11492&st=0&p=69035&hl=fuel%20filter&fromsearch=1entry69035 the panel is a piece of white plastic to the right of the gas pedal. I pull aside the carpet and there it is...now how do I open it? I can't figure out these clips.
  11. I'm going to drain, flush, and refill with fresh coolant; I haven't done it in years, and I think I'm overdue. :(
  12. I know about the petcock valve on the bottom of the radiator, but where is the plug to drain coolant from the block?
  13. I just got two replacement fobs of ebay. The first fob took the programming, but the second one dosen't. aside from possibly needing a new battery, is my car getting "confused" at sensing a blank fob within immediate proximity of a newly programmed fob?
  14. Okay...If I do get the correct fob, can I reprogram it with the valet spare instead of the main one I lost? I don't think the main or spare has any chip in them. (1997 es 300)