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Bringing Sexy Back To A Gs Questions About Rearview Mirror, Wheel Reco

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I just bought an used 2006 GS300 yesterday. The car is in sound mechanical condition but cosmetically it needs work. First the seller sold his Lexus wheels with tires for 600 bucks,and he put some Chrysler wheels on. What do I look for when I shop for my new set of rims to replace those cheap junks? 17 x 7.5 5X114 is what's coming up at retail websites, btw the car is gold so I think I am leaning toward chrome wheels at this point. Another concern is the TPMS system, do I have to get the OEM tmps to work? The leather interior is disgusting with odors reminiscent of Philadelphia subway station so recommendation on a good leather cleaner is appreciated. I read Tannery is a very good product does anyone have experience? Another annoyance is there are streak marks on the rear view mirror as though someone tried to squeegee with metal blade and peel the reflective surface off, is this an electronic problem? Is there a way to just replace the glass or restore the reflective surface? I found a fleebay listing for a Lexus rear view mirror that has homelink feature but my car does not have GPS in the my touchscreen control panel, would it still work? All your feedback would be greatly appreciated and surely make this forum one of my favorite communities online. I'll post pictures up later when I get back home from work.

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You can get a set of factory chromed wheels on ebay for pretty cheap- that's the best look IMO. And you will need the Lexus TPM sensors. And make sure the ones you get are of the same year and model, as i believe there are several types/generations out there. You'll also need the dealer to program them, as initially you cannot do it yourself.

For the leather, NO DOUBT, the best cleaner/conditioner is the Leatherique "Leather Rejuvenator" and "Prestine Clean". Expensive but nothing else like it.

As for the rear view mirror, you'll most likely need a replacement as what you described cannot be repaired. As for which years will fit, just as long as the mirror "looks" the same as yours with the same buttons etc, it will fit. If the mirror you buy has extra buttons or features, most likely the plugs will not be a match. Ebay should be your best bet.

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