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2J Swap (Non-Vvt-I To Vvt-I)

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so i was going to change out the engine from my 97 to a vvt-i motor i bought online. if you plan to do the same here are some things you should know

1) do not but an Arista engine! make absolutely sure it is from a Supra- the GS(arista) motor with vvt-i has a fron sump oil pan that lands right on top of the sway bar. you will need a standard 2j or 1j oil pan. if you can find on they are usually $500. and remember to have a gasket set handy too

2) make sure the motor comes with the full drive shaft. vvt-i 2j engines do not use the tranny with a yolk. it has a 6 bolt union with a rubber biscuit between them.

3) the ECU is in a different spot from the 97 and later years so you WILL need a wiring harness extension about 3 extra feet, or more to be safe.

4) be prepared to remove the exhaust manifold to move the engine mounts further back (this should only be necessary if you already have an Arista motor)

5) use your old A/C compressor to simplify the install

6) be ready to make adjustments to the exhaust manifold's flange. the place i bought my engine from cut the exhaust with a plasma torch and got too close to the connection and warped the flange i need to use (i won't even go into detail about removing the warped bolts)

-i'll update more sunday after i give this a second shot, hopefully i will have all the parts by then

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from what i've been told all vvt-i 2j engines have front sump oil pan,

-good news: all 2j oil pans are inter-changeable and all have the spot for the turbo oil return. drill out the 10mm holes and tap them,then drill out the center hole, get a new gasket and done!

i'm going to find out if the 3 prong connection thingy comes off of the transmission and possibly slide in the yolk gear, if not i'll need the front half of my old drive shaft remade to fit.

found someone to do the wiring for $500, but the average going rate around town was $1000

new problem, power steering pump hoses have wrong connection

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