How Do I Replace The Cabin Air Filter For 95 Es300?

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How do I replace the Cabin Air Filter for 95 es300?

I don't think that your model year has one, but if it does than the instructions will be in your owner's manual


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(they call it the habitacle filtre btw for the inside the car one)

Just did this in my 98.

Had done it in my friends 92 and my old 95 also.

All of them were in the same spot pretty much.


Read everything below. in reality its really easy and like 3 steps. but im going into detail just in case


Driver side. pull the carpet in the direction: center console towards the driver door. pass under the gas pedals etc.

In back of the gas pedal you have a wire connector: YOUR CHOICE if you want to unplug it or not (i never needed too but some people are not nimble enough)

(remove BAT NEG cable if you want to unplug this wire) If you dont unplug this, you do not need to undo the bat cable.

When the carpet is removed. where the center console is you will see white plastic paneling (if you are looking at the gas pedal its to the right side)

The center large plastic piece comes off first. (2 snaps in line with the stickshift side, then it slides forwards off the mini rail towards the seat)

The air filter is located semi behind/in back of this panel. it sort of hides it. in the very back of that panel area, there will be a thumb thick hand length white plastic bar/clip type thing.

Squeeze the 2 pins at the top of the bar, pull slightly away from the backing and LIFT UP. the bottom part slides out of a little slot at the bottom of this bar.

This is the filter hole.

If there is a filter already there, pull it (99% of the time the filters bend in the center to fold for entry because they are too long and the space is too tight)

Get a shop vac if there is no filter and just an empty hole. you will have sticks and leaves all cramming up the space and need to get it out. (modify a paper towel tube on the end of the shopvac to get in there properly if need be)

Now you can install your new filter, and reverse the steps.


For 97-01 years you have 2 filters in that hole. once you pull the first one out, look for a flat tab above the empty slot to pull the 2nd one down, then out. they both sit on each other in that hole.


Note about what filter to buy:

every year annoyingly seems to have randomly changed the size of the damn filters. NONE that you can buy at stores like walmart etc will fit. dont waste your time. They will all be either too wide or they dont bend in the middle to fit into the tight space. you need to order one.

Canadian tire. have them look for the right filter size for your year. then tell them to special order it from their "high preformance" division. (I laughed a little at this when the guy said it). they get it in 2 days. costs 23 bucks+ tax.

Best way not to waste gas looking for the $%^#$% filter for 4 days.

Hope this helps! cool.gif

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I just purchased a 1995 ES300 and I just found the door after pulling back the driver side carpet. Saw the white plastic wall to the right of the gas pedal and began removing the two "Mickey Mouse" plastic black phillip's head screws. I found the thin white filter door at the back and unclipped that.NO FILTER either! What the heck? Can't even stick my small hand inside to remove debris! I used a vacuum, but the door opening is elongated and hench no suction can be used from the vacuum. I tried a stick and screw driver to try and remove debris, but good luck with that. I will have to go to the gas station and try and blow the debris out. Even being a small guy (5'2") I don't see how an engineer designed this and expected anyone to maintain it?

Where did you order the filter in the California? Is it custom?

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If you are anal. and find out the model you have uses a cabin filter, for my 99 es300 the Napa EnviroShield charcoal 4895 works, and did it just a few minutes ago.

Remember...(bring one band aid, a vacuum for debris and a bit of relaxation).

I generally use only Japanese parts and filters, this worked in a pinch.

The first time I tried this a while back, I did not bring out a knee pad, and was not ready to manipulate the carpet or my body and gave up after a bit of "oh crap", so stick with it, take your time and go slow.

Note! the quality bend in the middle type are A LOT easier to replace.

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