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  1. A loose or defective fuel cap, can also cause this code to show up.
  2. If the problem was indeed the Gas Cap, and you changed it, than your Check Engine Light will turn OFF by itself over the next few days. If it stays ON after 2-4 days, than the Gas Cap change did not resolve the problem. I believe that Auto Zone changed their Corporate policy in terms that they will still retrieve and tell you your Codes, but will not reset them. At some point you may consider buying your own Code Reader. Its well worth it, and not that expensive. Especially when they go on Sale. Make sure that you get one capable of erasing codes as well. Phil
  3. There is a master Trunk lock button in the glove compartment. Make sure its not turned ON
  4. Pressing the round temperature dial on the Climate Control Unit will toggle the display between inside and outside temperature.
  5. OOOPS. I miss read the year of your car. Dexron III is indeed the right transmission fluid.
  6. I am going to restrict my comments to the transmission fluid that you replaced. Your car requires Toyota Type IV Transmission fluid. NOT DEXRON III. It should state so in your User's Manual or on the Transmission Dipstick.
  7. Can you post some pictures of the damage?
  8. Someone did the same thing to me, but my Body shop fixed it and re-painted it. Can't tell the difference. Are you sure its not repairable? Those things are relatively easy to fix.
  9. Check the area around the Oil filter for any evidence of spilled oil, resulting from the oil change. If its dry than you need to look further. Could also be the valve cover(s). Make sure that you identify the cause, and that you have enough oil,
  10. This is a non-interference engine, so even if the timing belt does go, the only additional cost (apart from the timing belt) would be the cost of a tow truck and some inconvenience. Having said that, the Service Department is right. You should really change the belt based on the schedule specified in the owner's manual. (Milage or Time, whichever comes first)
  11. The fact that a VSV makes a clicking noise when you power it, does not necessarily mean that it is functioning correctly. Regardless of the clicking sound, the plunger inside could be corroded and stuck, or the VSV may leak and not hold vacuum, rendering it inoperative, and causing the CEL code to be set.
  12. That is a good idea. If that was the case though my brake lights would be on all the time correct? So I can check that switch, but also rule out that being the problem if my brake lights aren't on all the time ya? What are the other switches that it could be? I think I read somewhere that there is another switch to check that the car is in "d" drive. Maybe I need to pull my shifter cover off and look to see that the sensor is realizing I am in drive. Although my instrument cluster does show I am in "d" and I would assume its the same switch so I don't know if that is it. More ideas guys? J. R. Another possibility is the speed sensor that turns off the cruise control below a certin MPH. Although it may be working, perhaps the proper signal is not getting to the cruise control, as it thinks that the car is below the threshold speed. No CEL codes would be generated under this condition. I don't have a wiring diagram so that's as far as I can go. Just a thought though Phil
  13. I've used the leather wrap before on a Mercedes that I used to own. Although it felt and looked fine, it made the steering wheel diameter slightly larger, so it did not feel right. If I were you. I would either buy a used steering wheel in good condition, or alternatively have a leather repair shop fix your steering wheel. Its not that hard, nor expensive, and if done right, should come out looking brand new. Phil
  14. If it has not been raining, then the most likely cause for your water infiltration is a plugged evaporator drain hose. Phil
  15. It should say so on both the oil cap, and in the user's manual. But I believe its 5W30 Phil
  16. Thanks for the help. I figure I'll be checking all sorts of cables, grounding and otherwise, when I replace those battery cables. Better safe than sorry. After checking everything else, my best guess is that a bad connection/bad cables is probably the problem. I'll let you guys know how it worked out once I replace the cables and clean up all the connections. I had a similar problem about 1 month ago. But instead of replacing the whole cable, I bought just a new cable terminal from the Lexus dealer, and reattached it to the original battery cable. Much better and much easier than buying and changing the complete cable. Took 5 Minutes. and all is still OEM. Apparently its a relatively common part, as the Lexus dealer had the part in stock. Total cost about $15.00 Phil
  17. I don't think that your model year has one, but if it does than the instructions will be in your owner's manual Phil
  18. Its too late now, as I had the Filter changed at the same time that the incident happened, but am curious as to why you are recommending not to change the filter? Phil
  19. I have a 2001 Lexus ES300 with 75,000 Miles, All was well until I decided to do a drain and refill. The garage drained my ATF fluid, (3.5 Liter of a total capacity of 8.25 Liters), and re-filled it with 3.5 Liters of Dexoil III. I know that my car is only supposed to use Toyotal ATF T-IV and not Dexoil III. I realized his mistake only the next day. I know that flashing the whole thing is not a good idea, and that draining and refilling again will only get some of the Dexron out but not all. So now what do I do? Thanks, Phillip
  20. I sent an E-mail earlier today to Gates asking for clarification on the Interference issue. Will post if/when they reply Phil
  21. There are several tricks you can use to try and locate the leak. 1) Lift the carpet and sprinkle lots of Talcum powder on the bare car floor, then once the water infiltrates, you can easily trace it back towards the source of the leak by looking at the traces in the Talcum powder. 2) UV dye is not a practical option in this case, but instead you can use some food coloring. Pour some food coloring into a bucket full of water, and pour the water where you suspect that the source of the water infiltration may be, such as for example around the sunroof. If the food coloring ends up in the car, than you can figure out what needs to be repaired. Do One section at a time. Phil
  22. The "Lexus" insignia on top of the Engine cover is actually a bolt. Just turn the "Lexus" insignia by hand counter clockwise, to release. Phil
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