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Remove Coin Box , Coin Tray

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i didn't see a post like this when i searched; pardon if redundant. just recently got my '04 ls430 back from the collision center...

before i fixed it, my coin tray wouldn't open freely or smoothly. it was broken during the repair of the car after an accident (can't prove but it worked fine before the accident and repair work). insurance nor shop would cover replacement, shop said replacement part would be about $125-$150. the tray container itself is four pieces hooked together (two plastic sides, plastic top, and a metal bottom with bolts sticking out of the underside) with tabs that the tray slides into. somehow one of the sides had dislodged and was restricting the trays movement in and out. i never took the container completely apart, just adjusted the little tabs on the sides and top until they were all back in place.

initially to figure out what the problem was, i had to take the whole part out. to get the tray out of the container and remove the mirror switch i used the following from clublexus ( and another link in that thread which shows pictures.

it's easier to get the tray out of the container before you remove the whole assembly but you can remove the assembly without taking the tray out. following steps are for doing the way i recommend.

attached pics may help with the steps.

1. you have to push down on the two stopping tabs at the back of the tray (you can't see them until you remove it) while pulling the tray out; it was difficult for me using a small jewelers screwdriver but eventually it happened. 2. after the tray is out you pull on the bottom lip of the trim holding the mirror switch section until it pops out (the usual squeeze-type brackets hold it on the sides). disconnect the connections at the back.

3. pull and hold out the parking brake handle and you'll see two bolts and 10mm nuts at the bottom of the coin tray part. remove the nuts and the tray part will slide out, disconnect the light cable at the back.

hopefully this helps someone.





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