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Drivers Window Doesn't Work!

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Hello, everyone i have 93 lexus sc400. Here is the question my divers window was working well and then it stopped. I was thinking it was the master switch not working but not sure!! Or could it be the wire harness within the door?? Would anyone know or give me a glue and what to do. I have checked all fuses in then engine area and by the drivers door. They turn out to be good.

Thank you, Mike

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I just realized that both windows on my 94 SC400 are not working. Before I start testing, is there a controlling fuse I should be searching for? What did you pay for the regulator repair? Many Thanks

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ok stop spazzing and remember to breathe.... First you need to check the window regulator and see if it is good or not dont just throw parts at the problem you will waste money and take up parts for another person who might actually need a regulator, remember lexus sc parts are very hard to come by these days.

Window regulation check:

The window regultaor is nothing more then a mechanical system powered by a motor that makes the windows go up and down from circuits that are open and closed via window switch.

When someone says "replace regulator" majority of the time they are talking about the motor. "part confusion through reference" is common in the auto industry, so make it a habit to gain insight and knowledge on other parts that are in direct relation to one another

1.remove the inside door panel

2.look for a connector with ONLY TWO TERMINALS

3.apply car battery power to the two terminals and switch between polarity to power the windows up and down

if you have any question on any part of this process search forums first then post and DONT SPAZ!

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