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Squeaking/creaking Noise In Front End


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I recently purchased a 95 ls400. I must say it was well worth the money hoewever after having it for a few weeks, I am noticing a few problems.

1) After the car gets warmed up, there is a creaking/sqeaking sound coming from the front end of the car. I have opened the hood but am having no luck in locating the sound. When I first start it up in the morning I can barely hear it, but after it warms up the sound is more noticeable. I can't hear it from inside the car only from standing outside near the hood. Could this be my belts, loose motor or is it a more serious problem?

2) At 60 mph the car changes gears, I guess into fourth gear. If i have to slow down at the same time the car is changing to a higher gear, the car bucks while down shifting. The car does fine when I am driving in normal conditions (no traffic or immediate downshifting). Is this normal or is my transmission getting ready to fail? I try to avoid having to decelerate quickly after changing gears to avoid the problem.

3) my radio backlights are out. It is worth trying to fix the problem or just buy a new/another radio?


1995ls400 owner

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