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Ghost In My Car?

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Ok maybe there isn't a ghost in my car but an electrical issue. Here is the synopsis. In NY for the past couple weeks we have been having some crazy weather. Some days very cloudy, then others snows heavy, then sunny and warm then rain with hurricane winds (as of recent).

This caused some hesitation with my FOB. Meaning I would press the unlock button on my car and it wouldn't lock. When I unlock the lock manually with the key and open the door, the Lexus alarm would go off until I put the key in the ignition. I looked on the forum and it says it does this from time to time depending on the weather. It lasted for about 2-3 days and everything was normal again.... until now.

Now the FOB hardly never works (batteries are new and working) and the only way to get them to work is when I have to unlock the door with key and right after I unlock the door (while the key is still in the door) I press the lock or unlock button and the key would do whatever feature I pressed and would presume to work from there, in or out the door. That’s until I don't use it for about 30 minutes or more then I have to repeat this process. When this started, another problem occurred, the doors would lock and unlock randomly inside the car while driving or sitting at idle in park.

It actually sounds like the doors would lock or unlock but when you actually sit and watch to see if there is movement, there isn’t any. I know I have bad door lock actuators in 2 of my doors but even the doors with good working door lock actuators have the same behavior with no moment. It happens all at random and in different spurs. Sometimes it will try to lock/unlock itself really rapidly 5 times back to back, other times it will try to unlock/lock once, or twice.

I have noticed that when the behavior is really bad, it gets triggered when I hit moderate bumps, or anything drops (not pot holes). Meaning for every bump, my doors will try to lock/unlock itself at least once. It does it so much sometimes it sounds like its burning something out. The weird part about it is I can drive the car sometimes and it wouldn't have this behavior. Sometimes it would change its behavior in the same day...

Can anyone help before I start thinking about selling this car?


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ok ...heres an update.

Just like that my car has stopped doing this behavior. I have also learned that it was trying to lock it self, not unlock. I guess it was in Lexus alarm mode. Here is why I think this is the case. When we (New York) had the snow storm, my car was acting up and the FOB was not working. The first time I tried to open my car manually the alarm with off. When I put the key in the ignition to start the car, the alarm went off but since the FOB didn't work it never reseted the car. Every since that snow storm NY was hit with bad weather condition after bad weather condition. And this is the first time I have had this car through a snow storm so I never experinced this before.

Now that this crazy rain has cleared and we have clear and sunny skies, my FOB is working without a hitch and I can drive without hearing my doors trying to lock itself. I don't know if this is normal behavior or i'm just a rare case. Does anyone have any background with there cars acting weird in stormy conditions? They claim we had the equivalent of 6 nor easters with all the snow and rain we had this past winter.

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