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02 Is300 Trac Abs Vsc Lights Wont Go Off


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I have a 02 is300, lowered it a few months ago ever since then my vsc abs and trac lights have been constantly on. so I searched and seen it is probably the wheel sensor so I got it put on a computer and it said it was my driver side wheel sensor. so I checked connections and cleaned it out disconnected neg cable. lights still on. so I bought a new one put it on disconnected neg battery cable lights still on. I went back online seen some people say drive it a few miles. did that still on. Some say to turn it on and off 3 times and run it for 20 seconds, also did that, still on. So my question is, is there a way to reset ecu am i missing something? Do I have to get codes cleared with a scanner

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We have an ES300 and had the same problem. I was a bad wire on the right rear and once I changed it I had to drive it a bit them the warning lights cleared. Mine pluged into the main wiring harness under the back seat back. You should be able to unplug them and check with an ohm meter.

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Just had the same problem on my '02 IS300. Compared front calipers & saw that only the passenger side had a zip tie helping to hold the speed sensor wire/clip at the caliper. Zipped the driver's side & no lights for 200 miles so far. Seems possible but unlikely that I snapped it driving over crunchy snow.

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