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How To Change The Front & Rear Differential Oil


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just got my gx, was wondering at what mileage does lexus suggest doing this?

good work and thanks

The service chart never says replace, only inspect and top up, but then some dealers do at 90k and some at 100k. But I just did at 75 and I did find a difference with the smoothness and the ride, I did have a bit of noise at idle which was bit at a higher pitch, and the acceleration was rough. Now it has been smooth like a pre-delivery vehicle. ( this is my opinion)

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Here is the simply DIY tutorial

All you need is some basic tool to have the oil changed on the GX470.

Enjoy it :lol:

Thanks I'm having my freind change my diff fliud at 61 K. You certainly know alot, do you work at a Lexus Dealership in service. Great instructions.


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Okay, so I followed your directions and obtained all the necessary tools.  I went to the local Toyota dealer for the gaskets.  The gaskets for the front filler and rear filler were the same, as you stated, but when the parts person looked for the rear drain, 12155010010, he said that number did not exist.  I gambled that since all the numbers were exactly the same as for the front and rear filler, except for the 12155 vs 12157, I got the same gasket for the rear drain.  When I looked for oil, I tried to go with Toyota, OEM for the rear differential, because of the limited slip.  The parts person said they did not even carry the OEM Toyota oil and wanted me to buy the stuff called Mag 1.  Then he pulled out another oil and said this was the limited slip additivie and if I didn't also buy this that I would ruin my differential in no time at all.

Soooooooooooo, I am thinking perhaps to try another dealer or keep looking for a good limited slip differential oil.  Any opinions on this subject?

Also, being a 4wd, I noticed that I can't find much information about changing the oil in the transfer case.  Shouldn't that be changed also, or is that similar to the transmission oil and Lexus says do not change it.  Any assistance would be appreciated.


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