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  1. 2007 Lexus GX 470 Silver / tan 162K miles Runs well, 4k Royal Purple oil / filter change synthetic, change all fluids often coolant, transmission, front & rear differential, power steering fluid, flush brake fluid every 30K miles Alternator was replaced 145K. I keep it in the garage looks new. Best vehicle I have ever owned. 12 years old
  2. Probably cleared code first visit & thought cleaning sensor worked. Most likely it was fuel cap 13 yrs old.
  3. 2007 GX 470 with 139K miles on it. My VSC TRAC, VSC OFF & check engine lights went on.I ordered a new gas cap from Lexus partsnow for $16.90 and this fixed the problem
  4. Bob, I would suggest replacing your timing belt asap, unless you forgot to mention it or you're giving up on it. I have now little over 300K miles on the clock, had the wheels powder coated to bring her back to full beauty. I bought it with broken timing belt & bent valves, previous owner neglected this important maintenance item and he had to sell it when dealer quote for repair was $6,000 (new engine or repair his original). Definitely the best car I owned so far! Forgot to post: at 86,000 miles I replaced the timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt, thermostat, belt tensioners, f
  5. 2007 GX 470 136,000 miles runs and looks great. Had the drive shaft replaced due to the thump and the dashboard replaced under warranty. Only normal wear items I have replaced tires,brakes, battery and a few light bulbs. I use Royal Purple synthetic motor oil and differential Royal Purple gear oil. The car averages 17 MPG and cruises well on the highway. Update: 141K miles replaced alternator. GX470 runs perfect and is garage kept.
  6. Just had my dash replaced on my 2007 GX 470 with 136,000 miles under good will warranty, Lexus sent me a post card Jan 2015 in the mail stating the problem. September 2015 parts finally arrived. The dash did not crack just sticky, my GX is garage kept out of the sun.I always blamed my wife asking her is she spilled nail polish remover. lol The Lexus dealer had trouble removing the A-pillars due to the windshield being replaced and too much sealant glued the A-pillar to the windshield. The A-pillars were $159.00 each, the dealer tried to have me pay for them, I contacted Lexus corporate and
  7. Bummer, Not your fault! Even when you defensive park a moron can find you. I parked my 2007 GX at the Borgata Casino 4-rows from all the parked cars by itself, I came out 4-hours later and a moron parked a old Chevy blazer right next to me and opened the side rear door right into my rear fender flare. I could see the black plastic underneath and the titanium silver paint was peeled and raised off as I walked up. This is my only ding on a perfect garage kept GX470 I touched it up and it still looks terrible. I got a quote from an auto body shop they quoted $1,700.00 they would have to paint the
  8. There is a bulletin from Lexus that have a drone sound/ vibration from the differential on years 03 to 08 covered under warranty under 70 k miles. They install a dynamic differential damper, check the site under drone sound/ mann has some bulletins posted. Good Luck on the repair/ check with your dealer.
  9. Sounds like you got a nice deal. Yes the one I looked at had all options plus rear entertainment. $68,200.00 on Lexus factory sticker and no other add ons. Good luck.
  10. Nice looking GX 460 if you don't mind me asking what kind of deal did you negotiate with the dealer. My dealer would only come down 3K from 68 K sticker price, I decided to wait 1-year. Good Luck with your new 460
  11. Mann, I have a 2007 gx 470 with 62k miles do you think I should have this done before warranty runs out, I feel a little vibration at 70 mph? Thanks Bob
  12. Thanks I'm having my freind change my diff fliud at 61 K. You certainly know alot, do you work at a Lexus Dealership in service. Great instructions. Bob
  13. Test drove the new 2010 GX 460 yesterday. The interior was very nice, I didnt like they stuck with the hinged rear swing door. The exterior looks very blah, like a Toyota Highlander. Lexus did a nice job with the electronics. The GX I drove had a $68,400.00 window sticker price. The dealer only has 1-black unit.
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