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Installed Nav From Es330 In Es300


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I Installed a Nav from 2005 ES330 in My 2003 ES300 that had Nav / ML.

Everything is working great except for the CD changer. (The plug seems to be different)

Also there are no voice prompts. I've seen rumblings of needing a separate amp?

Has anyone else down this upgrade before?


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The Gen 3 system seemed VERY dated, while the Gen 4 system seems only somewhat dated.

I just liked the look of the Gen 4 better. I have a Gen 5 in my Prius and the Gen 4 is more reminiscent of that.

The sound quality of the Gen 4 seems vastly superior over the Gen 3 head unit. (IMO)

I found the answer to my own question about the CD changer. Apparently you need this adapter to plug in the old style CD changer plug to the new style.


Toyota part 08695-00370

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I never like OEM navi units so I opted not to pay $2000 as a dealer option on 2002 Lexus ES300 so I installed Pioneer navi unit. Much better got it bypased and you can watch DVD movies on it plus XM radio and bluetooth option.


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