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Front Passenger Window Not Working (motor Tested Ok)


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So as of right now all my other 3 windows work besides the front passenger window...When the window is installed on the rails in the door it doesn't go up nor down. After I remove the rail/motor/glass from the door I ran direct power to the motor and the motor seemed to operate normally and it went up and down smoothly. Once I reinstalled everything back in to the door, neither window controls (passenger or master driver side) switch made the window go up or down.

I also cleaned the rails of any gunk and re greased it so the rails go up and down by hand very smoothly

Does anyone have any suggestions on what it may be? Is there a relay I should be looking for or something else that may be causing this problem?

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The motor still could be bad, with no load it runs ok but as soon as you put load on it with the window in the track it causes a high amp load which trips the switch off. I'm not sure if these work the way my old caddi did but they shut off when a high load is detected like when the window gets to the top or bottom of the track. The motor loads up and trips the switch off. I would check a wrecking yard and see how much a motor is and try that first. If the motor is the same on one of the other doors you might try swapping them also.


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