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2005 Gs300 Modest Power Increase

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I own a 2005 GS300. In terms of performance it is stock. If anyone cares to share their knowledge it would be appreciated.

I do not plan to modify this car for another year or two, (currently 62k on odometer, by then maybe 85-100K). At this time I hope to be in a position to have a daily driver and start work on my GS, as we know 100k shouldnt be a concern when building these cars, Correct?

I would eventually like to add 20's to the car, TTE front lip & sportline rear bumper, also a slight drop to remove any wheel well gaps, nothing crazy low, just enough to make it pleasing to the eye.

Also perhaps a brake upgrade to slow the larger wheels, advice here is appreciated also.

I do not need any crazy power out of this car, I know the motors have the potential for some serious HP, but I would like to make moves to compensate for the larger wheels, added weight ect. Maybe a 50-75hp increase is possible.

Any suggestions? I have read through the forum and found many of you say that if your not going turbo its a waste of time/money. If that is the case I will have to strongly consider it, however is there a possibility of reaching my goal of 50-75 more hp with Intake, exhaust, chip, ect?

Also does anyone know the weight of the WORK EUROLINE DH wheels in 20 in sizes? I have searched & emailed WORK but with little success.

I like the Idea of a light wheel, but I doubt I will be throwing the cash down for Forged wheels as I want this car to just be a cruiser, nothing wild.

Other wheel suggestions are also appreciated. I have currently looked at WORK Euroline, MRR HR2 & HR4, & Volk Progressive TS.

Basically suggestions for products from Wheels/Lowering/Power are all welcome!!

Your insight is eduction for me.

Kindest Regards,


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