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What Fuse Is For The Gears Light?


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The fuse function descriptions are shown on the inside of the fuse box covers. The gear selector light is probably on a circuit with lots of other lights or functions -- If you are not noticing other lights out or functions not working, the gear selector light bulb is probably burned out. It looks like your LS is a 93-94 so 16 to 18 years for a bulb to last is pretty good. There have been instructions on this forum on how to change the bulb ... you might be able to find them by doing a search ... the "advanced search" at the bottom right of most forum pages would allow you to limit the search to the LS400 forum.

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I did a search of this forum and wasn't able to locate a thread with instructions for changing the console gear selector bulb.

This thread was, however, the impetus that lead me to do some minor disassembly to replace a similar bulb in our 98 Camry last night -- it took about 30 minutes since I didn't know what I was doing. Our Camry uses a 194 bulb but I don't know what bulb your 91 LS would use.

In the Camry, after removing the trim panel, I had to remove one screw to pull the P-R-N-D-L surround up enough to allow removing the portion of the assembly that contains the bulb.

You might consider popping off the wood console trim panel and taking a look. There are many design similarities across the range of Toyota and Lexus vehicles so replacing the gear selector bulb in your LS might not be very different.

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