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Toyota Brake Override

The G Man

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I just read this info on another site, it seems like Toyota doesnt have any plans to install the brake override safety feature in any of the Lexus models. Also, they are looking into a new way for the driver to shut off a car with keyless ignition in an emergency. They considering the procedure of pushing the start stop button 3 times and or the old fashion way of holding it down for 3 seconds, both will work. Personally, I would like the feds to step in on this one and set some kind of industrial standards as to the best way to shut off a car in an emergency:

"Toyota is planning to install software that automatically brings the engine back to idle when the driver steps on the brake. Such a system, known as a brake override, is already used by a number of other manufacturers, including Nissan, BMW and Chrysler.

Lyons said that Toyota would install a brake override on all new cars starting with the 2011 model year. In addition, the automaker is adding that program to four models involved in its 5.4-million-vehicle floor mat recall — the Camry, Avalon, Lexus IS and Lexus ES. He said a decision had not been made about putting a brake override in the eight other models in that recall — the Highlander, Corolla, Venza, Matrix, Prius, Tacoma, Tundra and Pontiac Vibe, which Toyota made in a joint venture with General Motors.

John Gomez, a San Diego attorney representing the family of the California Highway Patrolman killed last summer, said he was gratified to hear that Toyota would expand the keyless ignition system’s functions, but believes that the brake override is a more critical issue.

"They should retrofit every vehicle on the road," Gomez said. "There is no defensible reason that the throttle should remain wide open when the driver has both feet on the brake pedal."

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According to people in the ES forum, the dealers are adding that program as part of a firmware update when they do the accelerator recall...

I believe the ES is the only Lexus that Toyota will retrofit the brake overrride safety feature into. I bet you a lug nut that Lexus will give into public and government pressure and install the brake override on all their cars.

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It seems like the software being install in all the recalled Lexus and Toyota function in such a way that when the driver hits the brakes, the engine will go to idle speed. I wonder how this will affect stop and go traffic and the smoothness of the ride.

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