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2005 Rx330 Mods Suggestions/help


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So i just got a 2005 Black RX330 FWD w/o Nav. after i totaling my 2004 ES330, I have had the RX for about a week and i seem to see this car (just as i did the ES) everywhere i go and i just really want to do some things to set the car apart from all of the other RX's i see on a daily basis. I have been searching online a bit to try to find something but have been rather unsuccessful, I have a few questions over a few things and would love any feed back (suggestions, websites, general comments etc.) any help is truly appreciated.

1. Grille - I have seen the strut kits they make for the range rover and looked them up, they make the kit for so many vehicles but sadly the RX is not one of them. i would love a kit of that sort or grille if anyone knows where to find one and/or what would look good.

2. Lexus emblems - I would love to make both of my front and rear "L" emblems black. Would it be better to buy OEM black emblems (if they exist) or paint my existing emblems OR purchase new emblems and paint them?

3. Headlights - Now i know that my RX did not come with HID's and i have looked around on this sight and seen that if i want a true conversion to HID's that it will cost me an arm and a leg. why is that? if reasonably priced what would be the best kit to go with? if not,which bulbs should i replace my stock ones to get the best/brightest look?

4. Taillights - What would be the best way to "black out" my tail lights?

5. Rims - i have gone back and forth on this, rims just don't seem to look right on an RX. what do you think?

6. Interior - Any suggestions on the interior of the RX?

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