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20" Staggered Wheel? Will They Work?


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I have a black 2002 SC430 and love it! I'm wanting to put the Lorenzo WL18 (black) but they only have 20" for the SC430 bolt patern. I'm thinking of going staggered 20 by 10 in the back, the offset is 38 and 20 by 8.5 in the front, the offset is 35. Will this work? Will it rub the wheel well?

What is offset? What size should I get for the staggered wheels?

Please respond to my personal email at: philliplenguyen@gmail.com


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Yes that would work fine, the offset is not aggressive though. It wont rub unless you also plan to lower it and then that depends how much you lower it.

Personally I think 20" is the best looking size wheel to go with, although it really needs to be lowered as well to finish the look.

A lower offset means the wheel is more towards the wing or fender as you say and higher offset is more set in. Stock is +45, Stock wheels are very set inwards hence the large gap from the fender to the wheel. So you will come out a little more.

Im running 20x9 +24 front 20x10.5 +27 rear

As you can see my wheels are very close to the fender


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