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Bulb Replacement - Driver's Side Marker Light


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1999 LX470

The other day I noticed the marker light out on my driver's side, when I locked the doors and the lights flashed, this one was out. OK, no prob (i thought). I came home from work early today to take advantage of a what little daylight was left and went right to it... open hood, remove screw on back of marker lens from frame rail... notice ther is NO room to stick my fingers, let alone, a screwdriver behind the lens assembly.... get my fingertips between the back edge of the lens and my fender... and thats when I heard the first clip or tab come loose and shoot along the inside of my fender... somewhere... never to be seen again...

SO I immediately stop... put the screw back in place... and run inside to pound away on these keys..... anyone have any suggestions or tips for removing the marker light. Please tell me it is independent of the headlamp. I cannot imagine them engineering a bulb that cannot be changed without a lift and airtools....

All kidding aside, before I damage anything else, does anyone know the proper procedure?


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Not very good.... snapped the main lower tab off, and one of the side "stabilization" tabs that pinches thge inside of the fender's leading edge... I was able to remove the tab from the clip after and used some puddy epoxy to rebuild the lens tabs.... i used this stuff you knead in your hands and once it gets hot, it sets up in a minute or two and is hard as a rock in five..... it looked like a mess... but inside the fender, who cares.... all is well and the bulb is changed.... I really can't figure out any other way without putting the tab in jeapordy....

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Just replaced my driver's side parking light lens and put in a new bulb. A rock likely took a sliver of plastic off the lens and it began to take on water. It was on the side of the lens closest to the headlight and about an inch high and maybe a 1/8 inch wide or less but big enough for water to get in. Noticed that bulb recently went out so decided to replace both. I bought a replacement lens on Ebay for about $60.00 - New OEM lens. The lens actually came out easier that I had anticipated. I removed the top side Phillips screw and it seemed to loosen right away. It wasn't difficult wiggle the lens from the fender. I simply unplugged and removed the light fixture and replaced the bulb and put the fixture into the new lens and reassembled. Was expecting a whole lot more hassle on this based on what I've read others tell but it was pretty easy. Love DYI and saving a few bucks.

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