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Neutral Safety Switch


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Cant get the car out of park w/o pushing overide button. Iwas told to check for a click buy the console while pushing on brake. I didnt hear a click. is this the neutral safety switch?

Start by checking fuses. It is a power release (i.e. will not work when there is no power). I'm sure there is a wiring diag on here for your car. Is anything else electronic not working inside the car? (check all A/C, radio, cruise, etc)

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check your "stop" fuse - this should be under the dash by the driver's side. The fuse is a 30amp (IIRC). If the fuse checks out OK, then check your rear taillights and brake lights. Any one of those can trip your circuit and disable the brake/shifter unlock switch. If the brake/taillights check out OK, then you may have to check your brake switch itself.



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