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  1. Go to There are a couple tutorials there that should guide you... Take some pics and share if you can...good luck! -Bill thanks will check it out
  2. anyone got a link or can tell me how to remove my power steering pump resevoir so I can clean the screen?
  3. Im pretty sure this is the wrong spot but here goes. I have a p/t 2nd job in a parts store. today a couple came in and they had a 2002 lexus suv; im not sure which model; i was walking out the door when they got me. They said they had the oil changed and the check engine light came on along witch the traction light and another light next to the trac light in upper lft hand of dash. they took the suv to lexus and were told a hose was knocked off; which they fixed and were charged for. Yesterday they had the oil changed again and the same lights came on but the code was p1158 when i checked it.
  4. thats where i found them too. 187 for the pair; i dont need a dealer part just something that will get me back on the road thanks
  5. changed the inner tie rod on my 90 ls400; couldnt get it lined up because they told me 3 of 4 ball joints are bad so im gonna change all 4 I can get the lowers at the store I work at but the uppers include the control arms. very expensive part. I found them on rock auto same part same name at my store but alot cheaper on rockauto. then i found a noname brand on an auction site very very cheap. is it worth it to buy no name oem part or does someone have a cheap website I can get them from. the car is about to turn 300k miles so i dont want to drop alot of money into it. anybody ever use no nam
  6. figured it out inner tie rod was about to fall off; so i changed the inner and outer tie rod on the driver sidetie rod end looked good but it was apart so i changed it. returned the ball joint because i needed the money for the tie rod. so ball joint will probably be next
  7. ls 400 296k milage; car drives great wheels are wearing evenly but ive noticed when i hit the breaks SOMETIMES the steering wheel shakes violently like a warped rotot but its not that because it dosent do it all the time when breaking. I took the caliper off and the pads and caliper looked fine on both sides. Passenger rotor when grabbed at 3 and 9 oclock dosent move Driver side rotor when grabbed at 3 and 6 oclock moves in and out along with the outer tie rod and inner tie rod; may be an 1/8 of an inch. What im not sure of is the passenger side dosent move so Im thinking something is wrong;
  8. 1990 ls 400 296k; it was garaged for 4 yrs then I got it with 255k on it.
  9. where is the power steering pump filter located is it in line or is it a small cannister like the fuel filter?
  10. i cant get past the first part because there is no movement in the fluid to cause bubbles; where is the filter located? inline? 90 ls400
  11. my 1990 LS400 sat in a garage for 4 yrs b4 it was given to me. Front brake hoses dry rotted so i replaced one one yr and the other one went so I replaced it to; besides the white wire electrical problem i ve given up on I have a power steering pump question. The car had 255K on it when i got it; now its at 291k. power steering worked great but started to leak from the short hose on passenger side. I went to change it and it fell apart in my hand; Once I changed it the the longer one going to the driver side started to leak (power steering still worked great)i changed it and the old one fell a
  12. trying to get my tire off today to do brakes and the guts of my lug nut key broke; im sure this was due to the fact that the last idiots that put my tires on used an impact wrench. I need to get the security lug off is this an item I can get at a lexus dealer for a 90 ls400? My rims are stock I dont know why they put a Lock on it anyway. If i can get the new key i might change all my lug nuts to regular nonsecurity. Are stock ls400 rims a hot item? if they r then I wont waste the money on the new lugnuts just buy the key
  13. the people were going to donate the car and no one showed up to pick it up so it was given to me and you are right no complaining here just trying to fix it. ive done alot to it and bring it back to our friends so they can see. mostly body work but the lady tears up when she sees it; they are great people and love that I am driving thier baby around. This forum has helped me alot with problems and someone sent me a lnk on how to change the plug wires nd distributor caps' all in color and step by step instructions. Big Big help. I also bought the 2 volume shop manuel off of ebay for about 12 18
  14. nah the alternator was replaced before the p/s leaks. so it is possible the p/s fluid leaked on the alternator.But if I remember correctly the car was doing some of the dimming of the lights before the leak started; but it may have been leaking very small to where I dint know because of the splash guard underneath. Im sorry i know too many variables. The car sat for 4 yrs in a gfarage with fluids(and gas) in it before it was given to me; they said it got unreliable. and had a mind of its own. I think they were talking about the elctrical poroblems lol. They were the type to bring it to the dea
  15. i have been having issues with the p/s pump. These problems started before the fluid leak. but being you mentioned it; this car sat for 4 yrs in a garage never started; when it was givin to me i had to replace a rotted brake line; then a yr and a half the other front brake line. My P/s started leaking from the little rubber hose coming off the pump and clamped onto a metal line. when replaced the old line fell apart in my hands. Then the next day I had a huge leak on the drivers side again a rubber hose clamped to a metal line which when replaced fell aprt in my hands.. nOW both leaks fixed i
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