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How To: Cabin Filter Change 96 Es300


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I have had every problem solved by this forum. It is laughable that this proclaimed "illusive" filter runs the gambit of may exist...maybe not. My manual does not cover it. The strings are for the most part worthless in none decrypt descriptions. It seems that some have found it but are illusive as to where. Some claim a secret box with special tabs. One guys says it is by the gas pedal under the carpet...but toward the front of the car...now really...what does that mean?!?!?

So could someone kindly post just one post that is on point with a picture to prove this chupacabra Yettie filters existence! And tell us all of your excursion into the depth of this unknown abyss...

Hey...all in fun here but really...I would like to change it if I can find it. :D Thanks

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Try Google, my friend. It'll point you to a Club Lexus post w/ pics. I'd put the link in, but I'm not sure if that's frowned on here. It's for a '97, but should be same procedure. Keep in mind for your model it's optional, so you may go through all the trouble of pulling back the carpet and find a whole lot of nothing. Good luck.

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