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Problems Still Persist


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Well today i went out and bought a new battery because i left my car on the other night playing the radio and it died. Wasn't really on that long but i bought and optima red top. It's great and today while i was working on the car it was on and this was for about 45 minutes. Car started right back up. Aside from all that i also received my new MAF sensor with the connector and wires. I cut the old connector off and soldered the new connector to the wires and then slid the casing over it and rapped it in some electrical tape. After i installed the new MAF and the connectors i started the car and for about 30 seconds the check engine light was off and then it came back on. I've replaced cam sensors, O2 sensors, spark plugs and wires, MAF twice. I'm really lost with this car, and it was running the same ol way...Also i noticed the anti-freeze level was low and i added some. I don't know why it was so low, i haven't seen it leaking. I really hope it's not the head gasket. Any ideas on all these problems? I really love this car and have had it for over 3 years...

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On the antifreeze leak, there are a variety of potential causes, a leaking head gasket being least likely. Could be the power steering vacuum sucking it in,

the heater control valve leaking, the reservoir leaking, etc. If you see white smoke at WOT, then its the PS issue.

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Thanks for the reply and you know what i think you could be on to something about the heater control valve leaking because it only started leaking in the winter when i had to use the heater. During the summer the level always stayed the same and never moved. Thanks for the advice landar, no need for me to be a worry wort now.

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