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Brighter Headlings How Do I Do It?

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I have the standard headlights in my 07 RX 400H. I was watching a TV commercial today and they talked about getting brighter headlights by using Sylvania SilverStar Ultra Bulbs.

Has anyone used these or do you have a suggestion. I have heard that some bulbs will melt the headlight housing

I think the option at the dealer was over 1000 bucks for the Halogen lights (not sure since I didn't get them).



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All Rx400h's came with HID projector headlights- the halogen version wasn't available for the 400h series. They're MUCH brighter than halogen lights.

The bulbs used in the Rx400h HID projectors are the brightest d2s bulbs in production, 85122+

The only way to get your headlights to produce more lumens is to replace the factory denso ballasts with 55w ballasts. But it wouldn't be worth the extra work...

You can however upgrade the high beam bulbs as those are halogen. The best upgrade for these would be the Toshiba HIR bulbs.

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