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Test For Bushings In Lower Control Arms


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I can hear quite a rattle in the front end of my '97 SC400 (113K miles) and based on what I've read here on the forums, it sounds like it may be the lower control arm bushings. Is there a way to confirm this with the wheels off the ground? I've searched and couldn't find anything. I know to look for lateral play in the wheels when checking ball joints, but I'm not sure how to check these bushings.

Also, is there a way to test the steering arm bushings? I've read a few posts regarding these and I figure if I'm checking front end things, I might as well check them all.



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Thanks for links, I really appreciate it.

Regarding tramling, I'm not sure what that is. What I hear is a loud rattling/banging from the front suspension (can't really tell which side) when I go over any sizable bumps. Unfortunately, our lousy roads in Michigan have plenty of bumps.


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Here is a wiki link for tamlining


Basically, if a car tramlines, it will follow any ruts in the road even pull if there is a noticable crown in the road. I bring it up only because I have had a problem with it and because in general, if a SC300 SC400 has bad LCA bushings it will tramlin; the amount increasing as the bushing wear out. Mine turned out to be the tires instead of the LCA's. I rotated the tires and it was like night and day. At highway speeds it would sometimes require two hands and your full attention to keep the car under control. If you have no tramlining, I would bet that you just have something loose in the front suspension that makes a noise when you go over bumps. I read a thread somewhere a few weeks back talking about that problem. I think the person had the LCA's replaced and had a bump/thumb in the front end. Ended up something wasn't torqued enough.

Good Luck!


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