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An older, well maintained Lexus ES would make an excellent first car. They have a great safety rating, and if they have been properly treated over the years, they have a very good reliability rating. Just be prepared for higher parts costs, as opposed to a Camry, as both cars are essentially the same while the Lexus parts list for more. I'm not certain that an ES would be a wise choice for a new 16 year old driver though.

You need to go online, or make phone calls, and check out as many auto insurers in your area as you can. You need to compare the insurance costs for a whole bunch of different vehicles (and not just Lexus) to see what you can afford. You may find that you can't afford the Lexus, whereas a similar year Neon, or Rabbit you could. Do the homework to see if the insurance costs fit your wallet, before you narrow down your search for a specific car. Keep in mind, that gas, oil changes, batteries, tires and brake jobs cost a lot too. Make sure that you're not going to get in over your head and be car poor. Good Luck!

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