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Axle Replacement


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I finally got to replaced the driver side and passenger side axles of the '92 es 300. The constant noise when turning and hitting bumps made it clear it needed some fixing. I was only supposed to replace the torn inner and outer cv boots but upon reading and researching some of the postings in this forum and advice from a mechanic friend, i decided to change the axle shaft with the cv boots already installed since the cost is only $15.00 more compared to buying the inner and outer cv boots. Also, labor wise, it is easier. The posting by Jet a Jockey dated 01-15-08 was the key for me to tackle this DIY. For DIY owners who wants to do this project just type in the keyword "axle" and search the topic title "1993 es 300 axle replacement". It took me approx. 4 hrs. per axle. It would have been a lot easier but the other end of the shaft was mounted and held by 6 heavily torqued allen screws. I used extension rod for ratchet at the end of the allen wrench just to get some leverage and also a small pipe. Did'nt wanna take a chance with the axle failing and getting stuck while driving.

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Great job getting that done! These jobs aren't hard (timing belts, valve cover gaskets etc.) but there are some spots that can really hang you up if you don't know the ways and means. Wait 'til you try to pull the right axle extension from the trans to change out the seals. That's a fun one.

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