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Rotors Off The Rear Wheels


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I was trying to get the rotor off the rear wheel for INSPECTION. I got the brake caliper (with pads) off but I can't get the rotor off as some type of bolt/screw is holding it on the axle hub.

Can someone tell me what type of bolt/screw is holding the rotor? I got the small rubber cover off accidently but I can't see inside the hole to see the type of bolt/screw.


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There is a small holding screw but the problem you are having is the rotors are likely stuck to the hub. There is also a threaded hole in the rotor to screw a metric bolt into. Its probably pretty rusted so maybe some penetration oil on it before you start. By !Removed! in the bolt in this hole the rotor will separate from the hub and then easily pull off. I believe the minor holding screw is a philips head. Its the one under the rubber cap. If you can't see it maybe its not installed.

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This should help you,dont forget to release the parking brake when taking the rotor off and make sure you choc the other wheels.


Get the metric screw (M8 or M10)...I ruined my rotor before I saw these holes and then it was nearly effortless. Amazing how just the right force in the right spot can make such a big difference.

(They don't mention it in the tutorial, but you can see the screw holes, near the pilot hole 9 and 3 o'clock).

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