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Check Engine And Vsc

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I have a 2010 RX350 2000 miles, bought new. The check engine light and the vehicle safety control lights came on last weekend, took to the dealer, they finally replaced the gas cap after 2 days of keeping it saying the system check showed a small leak in the gas cap.

I picked it up Thursday, Friday the lights came back on and are still on. The dealer says I can still drive it, but with the check engine light on so I am afraid of really messing something up.

Is anyone else having an issue like this? :angry:

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I had the same issue. Bought my car 2 weeks ago, have less than 1k .. and Check ENGINE, VSD light came on.

I took it to the dealer; he initially checked the gas cap which was shut air tight .. then they took it inside and I am pretty sure that they probably reset the cpu. Now my question is, Are you putting premium gasoline or just regular 87 ? Let me know what grade of gasoline do you use ?

**This is my first Lexus, less than 2 weeks old and already a freaking ENGINE sign**

I don't know if I am so sure about the brand now.

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How do they know the leak is in the gas tank cover? It could be anywhere... Don't they have some type of smoke machine to test for leaks?

I am not sure what process they take when a customer comes in with this issue ? All I know, the mechanic came and checked the gas cap first -- I wonder if putting 87 grade gasoline makes any difference ?

This is really annoying and pathetic. Not even 1k on the odo and *lights galore*.

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