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I Want To Raise My Ride Help Plz

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im trying to get rims for my car . my ride is lowered and the owner before me cut the springs. bottom line my ride is more on the stiff side and the people at the rims shop say they could add something( not sure what it was what they mentioned) to extend the springs because i want to sit higher so my ride will feel smoother any help witht this and or where i might be able to buy some stock srpings off someone or any methods i can do to raise my ride .

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How much more clearance do you need? That should determine if your new wheel setup will work with stock springs.

Remember that if you get larger diameter rims, you make have to get thinner profile tires which can lead to a harsher ride since they have less flex.

Not sure what kind of insert the rim shop is referring to, but two things come to mind. The first being helper springs and the second being a plastic/rubber piece that can be inserted between the coils of the spring.

In regards to helper springs, I have only seen them used with coilover setups. They are really soft springs so they will not affect ride characteristics, but are used to help shorter length springs so when a car is jacked up and the suspension is at full droop the spring does not loosen from its seat.

The other method that I have seen is for cars that come lowered from factory and have a hard time fitting on to the transport truck. For example, I know the Honda S2000 came with a plastic/rubber piece inserted between the coils of the spring to help the springs from compressing all the way thus resulting in raising the car so it can be loaded on to the truck. But once the cars arrive at the dealership they are removed. I would never use something like this on the street because it will greatly affect your car's handling.

Personally, I would replace your springs with a used set of OEM springs, remember to get an alignment afterward. Usually, cut springs tend to give a crappy bouncy ride as well.


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