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  1. Yeah, ClubLexus does a lot of useful mods. Like the VIP scene and aftermarket goodies. What I've notice, is that people on here aren't into DIY. They prefer to take their car to the dealer. If you can't find what you're looking for on here, you should keep on going with your little answer adventure! I really don't rely on this "Place" for anything anymore. Haha. I'm going to sign up for an account at club lexus. Hope to see you there. Happy hunting and good luck in your new adventure! You'll be missed! :whistles: All im saying is if there is a question simple as mines! nothing technical but questions asking for an opinion, and 200 something people look at it and dont bother to say anything i just dont get why that is . i can understand a technical question that alot of people dont know, but questions on maintenance and similar stuff why not throw in your two scents and if there is a thread like mine direct me to it atleast.
  2. Ive been a member for about a year . just got my first car last dec . my question is isnt this a place where people should get help from fellow lexus owners ? more experience car owners? i leave a thread asking a serious question come back day in and day out and find out that its got hundreds of views but no replies why is that ? nobody is friendly enough to give out some information one is seeking for? If this isnt that thread where i can get help on certain questions i have can someone please point me to where that website is because this is ridiculous 1 reply per 50-100 views on a simple questions ?.... forget my grammar im kind of *BLEEP*ed right now that no one likes to help on here .
  3. im on the verge of doing so now . but i gotta by some after market srpings and dont no the route i shoud take . do you know any reliable springs ?

  4. Im about to get some after market springs and spring extenders to raise my car hopefully back to stock ( since it seems impossible to find stock springs). can someone on here actually reply to a post? ive had a couple post where alot of people look at it but dont reply im not sure if you guys couldnt help me or not but can someone plz give me a good brand that i cant go wrong with and the best method to get my car back to stock ? because my springs are cut . thanks
  5. Ive had 2 12in Sub woofers in my trunk for going on a year now . and my interior rattles now my question to yall was is there like a manual with pics either online or somewhere that can show me how to take apart the parts that are rattling and tighten them up ? or can i even do that ? For example. one main part is the light where the control is for my sun roof is rattles ...?
  6. yea i can add som pics ill do it later today . i did get my car detailed and waxed like a year ago tho and it didnt do to much like the main spots where still visable
  7. I have Bird stains on the roof and hood of my car that bothers me much and a couple nicks on my front and rear bumper. could i get that out with like a half paint job ? like have the people buff the top layer of the hood and roof and the bumpers and repaint them ? would that do the trick ? i dont have the money to get a whole paint job but i would like to get that off my car.
  8. how much would it cost (estimate) to get a good decent paint job since bird *BLEEP* messed up my hood and top, and a front hood/ bumper since i got into a fender bender and got a little dent on my hood that bothers me much. and how muchn would it cost for after market springs with spring extenders ? i want to know this because im trying to sell my car.
  9. its a quick simple question im asking, lately my car hasn't been feeling as powerful as a couple of months ago i feel like the speedometer is not accurate like its 5 - 10 mph off . before i would be on the highway and wouldn't go any faster than 70 mph but nowadays i hit 75-80mph and it doesn't even feel like my 65 before . so my question is is there anything maintinence wise that i should take my car to the shop for to fix that ? thnx in advance
  10. im trying to get rims for my car . my ride is lowered and the owner before me cut the springs. bottom line my ride is more on the stiff side and the people at the rims shop say they could add something( not sure what it was what they mentioned) to extend the springs because i want to sit higher so my ride will feel smoother any help witht this and or where i might be able to buy some stock srpings off someone or any methods i can do to raise my ride .
  11. i bought this hid ballist for my head light that is out which cost 100 . the shop that i go to tells me that to install 1 would cost $220 that seem very steep for this. has anyone had this done before and how much did this cost you?
  12. Ive been having this rotational squeeking on my breaks not sure back or front and i took my car to the shop to demonstrate what i was hearing. every time i did this it wouldnt squeek while being test droven so they looked at it and told me that on the driver side back breaks they are uneven and that may cause the sound that im hearing. im asking you all is it possible that its uneven because of my weight ? im 6'5 like 320 ... thanks for your knowledge on this.
  13. so in my case would claying my roof and hood take some of the bird stains out ?
  14. yes i have got a professional detail not to long ago like the first week of MAY and the dude tried hard going over and over on the spots and he said that the shiit ate threw the paint and from then there has just been more ... here a little pic of my roof mind you that i only had the one big one when i got it detailed. sorry about the quality ( iphone) right after a hand car wash.
  15. I have a problem probably common with owning a car specially a black one, when i got the car the owner liver in like a neighbor hood mid to high class that had no trees and always had parking in front of his house or garage,now me on the other hand i live in a more crowded area with alot of trees around and i cant do anything about it because my garage is my landlords and he has two cars in there. ive had the car since dec 08 and now my hood, roof, and trunk have all these spots that wont go away with a good hand car wash. at first i didnt know having this be my first car that little thing falling from the trees and *BLEEP* left on your car for a day leaves permanent marks and spots. MAIN REASON FOR THIS POST! I SEE ALL THESE NEWER CARS AND FEEL THAT I COULD HAVE WAITED A LITTLE LONGER AND GOT SOMETHING MORE NEWER LOOKING AND I SOMETIMES FEEL UNHAPPY WITH MY CAR CUZ OF "BIRD SH**T!!!!!" . Can anyone suggest what to do to make me feel good about owning this car once again ? like not an expensive paint job thats quality like any companies ? thnx if you reply ill really appreciate it.
  16. thanks for all the replies i didnt even know what he said i thought he said balance when at the shop. so really thanks, the question i have now is does anyone know where i can find and buy the part myself from the web so i can buy it and just pay the shop labor.? thnx.
  17. does this effect anything besides the head lights ? .....
  18. The other day i noticed my headlight was out so i took it to the shop . it couldn't have been that the bulb was burnt because i just replaced my bulbs a month or so ago so im hopping that it just came loose and yea it just needed to be set back in place...... i just got back from the shop and now they told me that its my balance and i need to do something with that. can anyone explain to me what this is because they told me that the part alone from Lexus is 5 bills not including labor. can anyone confirm this price because this sounds ridiculous just for some lights!!!!!?????......
  19. go aftermarket...but if you doing coils go ahead and do shocks, imho its easier/cheaper (labor if someone else does it) and smarter in the long run! nah the springs are ok, but i wont ride cut springs period. you shouldnt scrape fender on good springs/shocks/18's so since the springs i got are cut and not adjustable i should go aftermarket ? can you tell me what i would need for this process? springs etc. and yea how much would all of this run me for ? send me links for the products you would suggest thnx.
  20. ok new springs i got u . but my question was since im trying to go 18' with low profile tires should i stay aftermarket or go stock? to avoid scrapping of the fender ? and oyea is that brand like bad or sumthn ?
  21. i left the guy a email about the springs how low they are and he sent me this "i think it is 1.25 inch, the brand in intrax, maybe you can look on the website im not sure".... hop you can give advice now wit this .
  22. compliments on your ride. Wherd u get those rims from? size?
  23. I have a GS400 the owner i bought it off told me that the springs are cut as low as they could be cut without getting custom ones so it sits low. use your imagination in order to give me advice. My question is im looking forward to getting some rims for my ride and was wondering since my car sits low and i have 17' stock wheels on it already would upgrading to 18' rims with low profile tires be pushing it ? like would they scrape ? the reason for this question is because i always thought that i would need to raise my car back up to stock height in order to get rims for my ride . so if anyone could help with that i would appreciate it i have pics but they have no detail in what im asking but here they are if it helps a little bit. and oyeah can someone explain the ofset system to me. Im trying to make everything black so i want black rims, if anyone has suggestions on a brand and style that would look good with my ride i appreciate your time, im going for the stealth look not too much flashy. like black with a chrome trimming .
  24. Do you want new or lightly used ? for the springs anything new or lightly used will do as long as there in good condition. which do you prefur ?
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