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2010 Rx350 Side Mirrors


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The side mirrors don't tilt down far enough when I shift into reverse. The dealer says they can not change this default position. Unless I move the seat or take the mirrors out of auto tilt mode and adjust them manually, I can't get a good view of the passenger side curbs. Anyone know any way to customize the tilt position. I was the second person this week to bring up this problem at my dealer, so it must be a real design flaw.

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I agree -- I couldn't even tell that the side mirrors tilted down. What I did was create program "3" to be exactly like my normal seat position "1", but tilted the mirrors down. While it's not automatic, when I'm in reverse, I just hit "3" and only the mirrors move down. When I'm done, I hit "1" and I'm back to normal. I wonder if it's possible to order the parts for the side view camera and just plug it in? That would be sweet. (I know there's a button on the steering wheel.)

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If only everyone was the same size and liked everything in the same position. This is commonly a problem for drivers that are sized at

one extreme or the other( really short or really tall). I have heard that you want the steering wheel (airbag) as far away from your face as possible as long as you can just touch your wrist to the top of the steering wheel. I think Mr.Joe's response should work best in those situations.

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