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Brake Help!


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I know we get a warning from the sensors but by then you have to replace the sensors, right? I've got 55K on my '03 LS430 and am feeling a little grinding the last few feet from full stop. Should I have them checked if the pads are getting close to the sensors (I'm not really sure how it works) can I save the sensors by changing the pads out now? If I hit the sensors do I have to replace them or can I just replace the pads and leave the sensors alone or take them off? Can an Independent (not a Lexus specialist) do as good a job as the Dealer (who is 60 miles away)?

Thanks in advance.

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If I recall correctly there is only a sensor on one side of the car so if you've had uneven brake wear one side pads could be worn yet not detected by the sensor. Link above has more on this. Also you probably don't want to wear until the sensor warns you as the sensor is ridiculously priced at $60 or more. Imagine that, a sacrificial warning sensor that costs as much as the part its warning you about. Yogi Berra at his finest.

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