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Toyota Usa = Lame!


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Originally Posted by toyodiy

6 December, 2009

The diagrams are no longer available on this site. For reasons that are beyond our comprehension, Toyota of North America kept harrassing our ISP about them. It seems that they are really interested in quick profits from new car sales, so it is in their best interest that old cars fall apart asap.

The progress of course cannot be stopped, and the diagrams are available on numerous other websites around the world, so we feel this change will not have a significant negative impact on Toyota DIY-ers. For example google something like 78-01 ACCELERATOR LINK 78111C, and you shall find it. Contact us if you need help or have any other question on this subject.

SUPER LAME! Toyota USA is going to kill Toyota if something isn't done. Toyota USA cares nothing about their clients it is evident from this.

Other crimes Toyota USA guilty of..... supporting the US Chamber of Commerce - they are against clean air regs, against a quality health care bill. I can't see what Toyota Japan allows this abuse of their clients.........

As Toyodiy points out a quick google search can be accomplished, but is a PITA.

EVERYTIME you have contact with Toyota... COMPLAIN!

5 to 1 odds... they harrass toyodiy more, instead of doing the honorable thing, which is to apologize and leave toyodiy alone......

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