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Lower Front Control Arm Bushing,,, Cracking At Less Than 60k

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I have a yr 2000 Lexus GS300 on last service visit was advised that front lower control arm bushings has cracks, the car I bought new in excellent condition, service

regularly, drive lightly, 59,900 miles, anyone have similary about this... seems low mileage for this, dealer wants $1100 to replace.

Feedback would be appreciated....


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They start going around 70K but then again, it all depends on how the person drives, or where the person lives. For instance, i'm in NY and we have many pot holes. I also have the sports edition so the extra drop of the .5 of an inch might make it worse.

What I noticed with dealers, especially my dealer, is that they will rather replace the ENTIRE part instead of the one bushing and tell you that part needs to be replaced. Make sure you get a list of the parts cost and also the labor rate for it. You might find it better to by your own bushings for about 100-200 dollars and taking it to a local mechanic to have it done. Plus if your replacing your bushings, you might want to look into Daizen bushings which is made out of polyurethane. Its made out of a different material from the OEM part which last's longer.

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