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I currently own a 2005 RX330 with standard privacy glass on the rear passenger window and rear window. On a recent trip I noticed that I could easily look into the interior and see what valuable were inside. Needless to say I did not like this.

So I want to get the windows tinted. I would like to know if the 'privacy treatment' is a film added to the glass like getting an aftermarket tint job or the 'privacy treatment' is added into the glass mix.

Thanks in advance,


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The privacy glass tint you have now is built into the glass. If the "Aurora" you are in is the Colorado one, your state apparently allows a maximum of 27% tint: http://www.tintcenter.com/laws/CO/

You might try having your front side windows tinted with quality tint film to 27% -- should be inexpensive (less than $100) to have done by a professional with high quality tint (Llumar, 3M, etc.) to only two side windows.

If you use a windshield sunshade after you tint your front side windows, your interior will probably be just about invisible from the outside -- my interior is nearly invisible with 35% on the side and back windows (maximum tint in Kansas) and a windshield sunshade.

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