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Changed Battery, Radio Went Crazy


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I changed out my 04 battery. I have the usual window problem now but some other problems as well. Please save me a trip to the dealer!

The one I can't fix is the cd player doesn't play, cannot be selected, and the power button on the radio cannot turn on the radio. I have an ipod adapter installed. This happened once before to me, and someone told me a trick that I cannot now remember.

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I have a document that helps to troubleshoot the 2003 model electrical system, including audio. If you think it will help, give me your email address and I will forward it to you. The file is larger than the 2MB maximum for this site. Good luck

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I'm getting ready to change the battery in my 2002 RX300. Has anyone ever used one of these to save the settings: http://storeworth.com/product/9-Volt-Batte...mory-Saver.html? Do they really work?

They work great on other cars but the RX kills the cigarette lighter when the ignition is turned off. Is there a plug in the back that is always hot? That might work. Whatever you do, do not kill the battery with the ignition switch on. Bad things can happen.

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