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  1. Jack up the back end. Spin one wheel by hand, if the other wheel turns in the same direction, you have a LSD. No wires or buttons, it's all mechanical. Works as good as any other LSD.
  2. After doing the piggyback fix, I'm getting some weird stuff. When I first get in the car and start it up, the locks all unlock once. It never did this before. It's also randomly setting off the alarm after unlocking the doors when I first open the drivers side door. Any ideas what is going on?? Thanks!
  3. Huge thank you to all that contributed to this thread! Just fixed my front door using the piggy back method. Several hours, less than $10, works better than ever. I don't think anyone would be able to tell the difference between OE and a $5 actuator.
  5. 1st find a new mechanic! Check engine light on? What did you use for plugs?
  6. "The honeycomb structure within your catalytic converter is coming apart, crumbling, and partially or fully blocking the exhaust flow." Or not. Clear the codes and as soon as the CEL comes on, find out what it is and report back. Guessing maybe a coil is shot. Did you use OE (Denso) parts for the things you replaced?
  7. There is no sensor that reports low brake lining. Probably just the cap. Try opening it up and moving the plunger around to loosen it up.
  11. Broken/dirty speed sensor or broken reluctor ring.
  12. 80 miles is BS, how many miles have you driven since it was repaired? It just takes a few trips and probably less than 10 miles to be ready for testing.
  13. I would guess it is either the tranny slipping or the ABS kicking in. Start with disconnecting the ABS and see what happens.
  14. Very common on these cars. My sprio cable has been replcaed 2x before 60k miles. Not likely to hurt anything or make anything malfunction. But, before doing anything else, try lubing the boot at the firewall and see if that makes it go away.
  15. This is an issue with the ABS system getting bad info from a sensor. You can start by cleaning the sensors and see if that makes it go away. It is very likely a cracked/broken reluctor ring. You can pull the relay for the ABS and it will stop kicking in, but of course you won't have ABS anymore.
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