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Factory Stereo Specs?

Mister Jed

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Does anyone know where I can get the specifications on the factory Nakamichi deck/amp for an SC400? I'm interested in the wattage to each speaker/subwoofer, if there's a crossover to the sub and for what frequency, and so on.

If anyone knows this information or a site where I can check it out I'd be much obliged. :D


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In my continuing attempt to try and figure out how to make my factory SC Nakamichi stereo sound better, I bought a 220 watt amp over the weekend. I hooked this up to the factory sub in the back deck of my SC. I opted to try this because every amplified sub and bass tube I've found is too large to fit beneith the rear deck and also behind the removable trunk panel. This amp had a fixed 80hz crossover built in. This helped the volume of bass in the car, but I still have the same problem that I've had before of the bass sounding high, like its 60-70hz. I'm use to low bass around 50hz or below.

In addition to this, I also replaced my rear deck speakers with 6.5" 3-way pioneers rated down to 25hz. I had these installed in a past Acura, and they sounded awsome; in my SC though they don't. It sounds like there's a low pass filter going to the back speakers; these new speakers have absolutely no lows at all.

Does anyone know if the factory Nak amp or deck has these high or low filters/crossovers built in?? Can I just replace the amp with another that has no high filters for the door and deck speakers and a built in low crossover at <50hz for the sub?

Please, if anyone knows where I can get this type of information on the Nak amp or deck, please reply. I'm spending way too much time trying to figure this out oon my own and getting no where!!


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