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Avh-p4100dvd Install In 2002 Gs300

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Okay guys, need a straight up answer here.

Here is what I need to know. Since I know they don't make a plug N play harness for my car, where do I splice in the pigtail that comes with the headunit i bought. I keep reading you have to bypass the amp to get this to work. Well that's fine and all but I haven't found how to bypass it. :angry:

Here is what I am thinking. The amp is in the kick panel from what I have read. I have the wiring diagram from the TSRM. Now I THINK, you disconnect the factory amp completely and remove it if you wish. Then simply splice into the side of the harness that goes to/from the speakers. I will not be in the mood to remove all the door panels to run lines direcly to the speakers. As for the woofer, I will be buying an aftermarket one since I'm hearing the factory one works like !Removed! with anything other than the stock amp. Now to hook that up, I am clear since that doesn't involve the factory BS and goes directly to the headunit. My main concern right now is how to get the factory speakers to work with the new headunit.

Please any help is appreciated. If I can get a clear answer on how to do this, I will make an install doc with pics for the community. :D

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