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Dealer Willingness To Perform Tsibs

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I just purchased an LS460L (love it) and have observed many of the same issues as others have reported and have made a list of all the TSIBs that apply to my VIN. How do you typically handle these with your dealer? Do you actually tell them that you're in the loop on TSIBs and tell them the ones you want addressed? Are they cooperative? Can they refuse to apply TSIBs if they know you're aware of them? Before I looked up TSIBs, I was a picky consumer who reported problems for them to correct, but I'm wondering if, for efficiency's sake, if I can just bring it in for service and site the relevant TSIBs that need to be addressed.

Do I address a TSIB or two in one service visit or give them a handful that all apply? Any advice on how you've approached your dealer so they don't tear apart my car in haste when I'm about to bring a few things to their attention. Much appreciated.

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TSBs normally if there are recurrent issues, the Dealer normally does it himself, without even mentioning a word, I know this are with some dealers as they are just too good. And some are nasty, Even if they have the part, they would say no stock of the part and make you wait for a really long time, and your patience runs out and then you go to another dealer. TO know about you car whether a TSB is carried out, you could goto http://www.lexus.com and join as a owner and get all the service history records of your car, , here you would know for certain TSB repairs carried out, the wording would say like Dealer Maintenance Repair carried out, this is an indication of a TSB job done, and some mention the TSB repair number.

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