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Rx 330 Wind Noise


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I am a new RX 330 owner, and have been driving the vehicle for about 6 weeks. This is my first Lexus and so far I am extremely satisfied.

My only complaint is what I feel is excessive wind noise at highway speeds. At around 55 mph it seems like wind noise is immediately switched "on". Tire and road noise are OK, it is clearly wind noise coming from the roof area. It was so noticible that I checked all the window seals -- but they are OK.

I am beginning to suspect the roof rack cross bars are causing the problem. Has anyone found a particular cross bar position that minimizes wind noise? Or has anyone had success reducing wind noise by removing the cross bars entirely?

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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This is the quietest car I ever had the pleasure of driving - the absence of mechanical noise makes the wind noise audible.

I immediately removed the roof rack - made a huge difference, especially with the roof open. It only took 5 minutes, so you can test the effect for yourself very easily.

Now if I could only do something about the wind howling round those huge wing mirrors! (I think they are more aerodynamic on the 330)

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well if you have musics, why not crank it up? to your hearing level. nothing is perfect! just a couple of days ago i was driving my uncle's Acura MDX(SUV), on the highway going about 60-75. man that thing makes alot of wind noise and it's annoying, mostly in the roof area. i think that it's the moon-roof.

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