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Ok, i recently bought a 1992 ES300, its in buetiful condition new paint leather is still great there was jsut one htign that was bugging me, the 6 disc cd changer in the trunk wouldn't work, the radio would work on all the stations but no cd's, and since i have to replace the antenna all the stations is more like 2 and they were staticy but i could deal. So one day me being as dumb as i am, i went back and pulled the cd changer apart to get the disk module out to see if it was just jammed in there. Upon reconnecting the cd changer i can't get anythign on the radio anymore, i checked every fuse i can find engine compartment and under the driver side dash panel all ok and there is 12 volts at the radio fuse at the dash. I checked the voltage at the head unit and its getting about 6 total from all the conenctions on one of the connectors on the back of it. I checked the voltage at the cd changer and it has a total f jsut under about 4 these are if you add all the leads together, changer wawss about .8 per lead and the head unit had 5 on one and about 9 on 2 others, the rest of them were dead. I can use the lexus phone and still hear it through the speakers so know i have no clue what to do however, i do know thata the lighter isn't working, not sure if it was before but i sure as hell know the radio was. ANY IDEAS OH MIGHTY CAR AUDIO GODS? I really need help on this one, thanks a milliona and one tiems in advance for anything.

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did you try disconnecting the cd changer and then see if you get the radio on again?im thinking maybe when you toke the changer apart you might of shorted something in there and sent it to the radio.disconnect the changer and see what happens.

if still no radio like fm stations etc..then check all them fuses again real good because even if they dont look burnt sometimes they are!belive me it drove me nuts one day looking for a short and finally decied to change all the fuses and it worked!frist check the changer. :D

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checked the changer no difference, changed out all the fuses for the acc equipment (radio, A/C, Lighter, Interior and Exterior lighting) no change. I found two fuses for the radio both amps, neither has a fuse but i heard of a third hidden fuse but i can't seem to find it.... is there also a reboot switch like the soarers have for the cd changer and the radio?

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