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New 2009 Rx350 Purchase Question

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I am planning to purchase a brand new 2009 RX350 tomorrow. The salesman has kept it ready for me to pick it up. He sent me the vehicle inquiry report and I found out that the invoice and ship date for this car is Feb 2008.

Should I be concerned because this has been on the dealer lot for about a year and barely been run. What about the mechanical detoriation due to non-use plus the weathering of the car being out for so long? I am guessing the oil has not been changed for a year too.

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ooh...good point there. I am kind of with you that the oil has kinda just been sitting there.

I might ask him to change that for you just to be safe. I am sure they will not quibble with you if you think it is a wise preventative measure.

Batteries aren't excited about sitting around either, but at least that won't ruin the engine and you have a full warranty in case it gives out.

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What is the mileage? A year bouncing around a dealer's or dealers lot(s) is very excessive, imo, and probably means the car was used as a demo and/or as someones personal vehicle. I am a firm believer in a break-in period, at least to the extent of not abusing it with full throttle etc. for at least the first 1000 miles. Often, cars used as demos are terribly abused. As a typical example, a number of years ago I was in the market for a BMW M3. I test drove one with only about 50 miles on it a BMW South, a dealer in south Florida. The salesman encouraged me multiple times to "put your foot in it". When I finally purchased one (with 9 miles on it), and read the manual, BMW had a fairly restrictive break-in regime. I now have a BMW Z3. For reasons beyond my control, it had 53 miles on it when I bought it and I know for sure it was used as a demo. It burns about a quart of oil every thousand miles. I am sure this is due to abuse during those 53 miles before I got control of it.

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