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95 Ls400 Headlight Replacement


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Hi all:

I recently bought a set of Sylvina Siverstar replacement bulbs for my 400. When I went to replace them (first time), I see 2 bulbs attached to the headlights. There is a "big" bulb in the middle of the headlight and another smaller bulb towards the bottom of the light. I was wondering if anyone has ever replaced these bulbs? I also couldn;t figure out how the bulb is removed from the headlight. Can someone please help?



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Sorry I had to move this post to the LS400/430 section. I don't own the 95s but I'll try.

If you don't have enough space to work with, you might need to take the cover, and the airbox out, on the right. The Battery on the left.

If that scares you, you could take it to any place that replaces them--PepBoys, Walmart, Autozone etc.

First try turning your lights on--low beam first, and attempt to pull the bulb out.

The average bulb will need to be turned counter-clockwise- with a little thrust inwards. If you can't turn it, you could use a pair of needle nose plyers, and twist.

If the one you pull out is large and ON, chances are you've pulled the low Beam. Replace that bulb.

Try this out and see if it works.

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