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93ls Trans


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Anyone have experience and or advise in doing this.

Looking to change or inspect and clean the shift solenoids. My 93 with 129K has the flashing O/D off light and on occ. the blinking CEL light. With no up shifting from 3rd to OD. Sometimes no up shifting from 2nd to 3rd. And every now and then when holding a steady speed around 50mph it will shift back and forth between 3rd and 2nd gear.

My fluid is recently changed, the crank out two qts and fill process, untill the fluid is clear and pink, used around 10 qts. And I found no broken trunk hinge wires.

I did notice that when this first started last week the my outside temp display did not change when coming down from the mountains to the low desert. A temp change of 25 degrees. Also that the Tach was slow to respond and erratic. Both of which function fine now after pulling the trunk hinge wires apart.

searched the threads and it points to the shift solenoids. So I am looking for any tips or tricks.


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Hi 93ls400walt,

I have a '92 LS400 with >183K and had the same shifting problem. Decided to check the shift solenoids - if you decide to do yourself, you will need to be careful while disconnecting the wire connectors to the shift solenoids - they will be brittle so use some kind of heat gun before trying to disconnect them. I broke mine - the little tabs that keep them in the solenoid, and had to use some kind of plastic tie. Alternatively, if you do break these solenoid connectors I think you may have to get the wire harness that lnks them to the ECM, and not sure how much work that will entail, since this harness goes through the tranny!

Once you have disconnected the solenoids, there are only two bolts to undo and they should pop off (at least for the '92 version of the A341E tranny.



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just in case you do break the solenoid plastic connectors on the solenoid wire harness (called the transmission wire!), and there is pretty darn good chance of that happening on one of these oldies, the part number for the early '92 LS400 is 82525-50010, and later '92 is 82525-50030.


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