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Tampa Area Lexus Mechanic


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I searched for a while trying to find a Tampa area Lexus mechanic and finally stumbled upon one on a Toyota forum.

The shop is called Toy House of Tampa. Kind of sounds like a !Removed! shop name, but they are GREAT! I'm very picky about my mechanics and these guys are top notch with a very nice facility. I was extremely pleased with them and best of all, they were honest to me about what needs to be fixed.

I saw a lot of posts on here in my searching asking about Tampa area mechanics and no one ever responded with any. So I figured I would post up my experiences with them.

They are in the USF area south of Fowler and I75 off of 301.

Toy House of Tampa


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Thanks Luke, I'll have to check them out next time I take mine in for service. What all did you have done on your LS with them?

The water control valve for the AC has gone out and is making a really annoying clicking noise. With the labor involved to take out the dash it is pretty expensive to fix (about $1,000). They told me how to make the sound go away though until I want to have the part replaced. I don't have heat for the time being, but you don't really need heat here anyways.

I am also taking my wife's 2007 civic there now and they did a great job on her 30,000 mile service. Saved us over $100 from taking to the stealer.

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Hey Luke, I actually took my LS to those guys today for an oil and filter change. I agree with you, the guys seem honest, and knowledgeable about quirks with the different models. They went ahead and got me quotes for the things that were wrong with my car without me asking and they are a lot cheaper than the dealership. Plus they're about ten minutes from my house. When I end up getting the high pressure hose changed on my car, I'll post my experiences.

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