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Alan, refer to the title of the thread, it's a 97 ES 300.

Rben, if you accidentally spin the tires too much from stand still, sometimes this will cancel out the TRAC and the off light illuminates.

Turning the car on and off will reset the TRAC once the sensors cool down.

However, if you accidentally hit the switch, then you need to hit the switch again. Refer to your manual. If you do not have one, register you new car with and they will send you one for free upon request. On my 02 ES I do not need to be at a stand still to toggle from TRAC ON to TRAC OFF. Oddly enough, my previous car needed to be at a stand still to switch back and forth.

I know not what required of the 97 ES.


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Thanks a lot, that does make a lot of sence, since the "Trac Off" light came on after I had accelerated at a traffic light. I registered my car at and ordered the manual. I did notice the "Trac Off" button on the drivers side around the knee area, and i tried pressing it to try and reverse the action but it failed to turn the light off. I did notice however that the light flashes once every time i turn the car on. Abnormal? Thanks again for the advice

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